A Day Away to Create & Play – Scrap Booking at it’s finest…kinda

Last Saturday my sister and a couple of friends hunkered down in a community centre meeting room with about 20 other ladies to work on our scrapbooks.  We usually go away for 3 days to do this, but we thought a 1 day retreat would give us a fix until…

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Open Wound – a watercolor

I am in love with this piece.  I posted it on instagram while it was a work in progress, and my sister-in-law named it.  The way the colour met on the page and formed their own margins gave her the impression of an open wound that was in process of…

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Peacock at Sunset – a watercolor and zen doodle project

I finished this piece today.  I started working on it last April and took a break over the summer to finish today – about 40 hours of work in all. It is the most detail I’ve undertaken and it was fun.  I spent most of the time on the tail…

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