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I am a 40 something, married mother of 2 fantastic boys.  We are a truly happy family and together we have made it through some major life challenges like the loss of a child and my brush with death.

I have worked full-time for most of motherhood, but have spent the last few years away from paid work recovering from a sudden serious illness and a month-long coma. I am on the mend and our family’s resilience amazes both me and those around us.

This resiliency comes from the relationships we have with each other and friends and the systems we’ve developed as a family.

As a private family, the idea of a public blog about us was too weird to think about. Instead, is about the things we do and the relationships we have created  that contribute to our happiness as a family.

The blog is a fun place where people can come to look at postings and take away something for themselves.

On Life With Dawna you can:

  • surf our Family Favourite Eats (recipes included);
  • check out my latest creations of scrap booking, water colour painting, and art therapy;
  • read about the ups and downs of our recovery as a family;
  • follow my weight loss journey;
  • cruise through our galleries and stories about our camping, travel, and outdoor adventures; and
  • there is always a chance to give your opinion or suggest content ideas – I’m even up for guest writers!

Life is short. Spend it with those you love.


me and the hubs in the mountains Spring 2012
me and the hubs in the mountains Spring 2012

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