Just after Christmas of 2013 I fell extremely ill (H1N1, sepsis, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest), given life support and put into a medically induced coma for a month so that medicine and machines could heal my body.  This was a traumatic and life altering experience for me and my family and friends, but I lived to tell the tale.

I am not yet whole.   It has been over two years since I woke up and I have worked as hard as possible to restore myself to pre-coma Dawna, learning along the way to accept who I am now. It is a work in progress.

Originally I had thought about a separate blog related to my rehabilitation, but a good friend convinced me that it wasn’t a separate topic from life with dawna – it was in fact the reality of life with dawna.

With that in mind, I will publish my stories of recovery here because although I am physically recovering as an individual, we are all recovering as a family.  There is a new reality for us – one where I am physically diminished and easily fatigued.

Prior to being sick I had made my way through life looking through a very logical and orderly lens. Post coma my scientific logical business self is lame from injury.   A different lens on life has emerged, I see in terms of art, design, colours, shapes, and stories tell.

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  1. You go girl….I have always loved your joyfulness, work ethic, humour and spirit. Contact me if you ever want to chat!

    1. Hi Dawn; I had the same thing happen to me in 2005, where my body just shut down– enlarged heart; collapse lung; congestive heart failure; kidneys; 60 lbs of retained fluid; induced coma for a month. Have had personal tragedy since then in 2007 our daughter was killed in a single car accident she had just turned 20. However it is now 2015 am I still here. And now have a grandson that is a year old and the joy of our lives. I would like to keep in contact with you, its hard to talk to someone that has not been through what we have been. Take Care Jane

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