This Week’s Supper Menu

We sit down and eat together.

 Activities are planned around the family.

This week both the 10 YO and the Hubs are asking for meat, meat, and more meat.  So, I have done my best to oblige – I follow the Mediterranean Diet which means I eat beef once a week max, so on the beef nights, I’ll be having chicken or fish while the cave men feast on bones.


BBQ Steak and beans and steamed broccoli


Buffalo Chicken Kabobs (not spicy ones for the kids) served with pasta and peas


BBQ Pork Chops served with grilled peaches and rice


Chicken Avocado Burger served with salad


Spaghetti Bolognase and Caesar Salad


Beef Kabobs served with  Mediterranean Chick Pea Salad


Out for Supper with friends – grilled cheese for the kids!

One Reply to “This Week’s Supper Menu”

  1. WHAT!,! !!!! You are having bbq peaches when I ‘m not there!!!! Is there no justice in this world? Mary

Thanks for your input!