Life With Dawna – The Blog re-imagined & re-done

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I started a blog.  I needed a creative outlet and a way to flex my brain as I was physically recovering from a month-long coma which was the treatment for my body shutting down from complications of H1N1 (a virulent strain of the flu).

I was also psychologically reeling from the trauma of it all.  My life  instantly changed and my physical and cognitive abilities were far from what they were pre-illness.  I needed something to help me make sense of it all.  I needed to tell my story.

Instead of telling me story I worried about sharing too much and breaching my family’s privacy which drew me into the idea of the Blogging Business – thinking that if I could no longer work, I could at least earn some income using what I always did:  writing, business sense, photography and sass.

The trouble is I’m not really Blog Business material – the business promotes  products and influences consumers – making sure you’re on trend, on pointe, en fleek….it ain’t me.  I am also completely flummoxed by the tech of it all.

I’m down to earth, low-maintenance, anti-consumption, non-materialistic,  big word using, environmental, granola, earth loving, outdoorsy, non-brand wearing, feminist, non-judgey, accepting, family loving woman who has a lot of thoughts and ideas but I’m pretty much just over here living what I think is a ho-hum life.

So the day I started thinking about how I could write-up a family outing on the blog – I caught myself and decided to re-evaluate.  I was getting caught up in what other blogs with more followers were doing.  I started trying to follow the industry’s content trends and be more like them but still be myself – but it didn’t feel right.

I’m going back to the beginning.

The articles that get the most feedback are the ones about the hard parts of life, not the shiny happy stuff.   Weight loss and recovering from the crazy train that was my illness and IS my recovery.  So what you can expect from now on are those types of posts.  I am still painting and still yoga-ing and I’m writing.

I have fallen in love with Instagram so if you follow me there you’ll enjoy lots of pictures of my kids, family, garden, cats, art, and travels.


2 Replies to “Life With Dawna – The Blog re-imagined & re-done”

  1. I was just wondering where your blog had gone. With the weather we are having I thought perhaps it had gone to a nice warm beach. Mary

  2. Well aren’t you smart….

    We can get caught up in the would of…could of…should of making thinga a success…when they already are…

    Redefining success is a big part of discovering the new you…

Thanks for your input!

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