Weight Loss Journey: Shock & Horror

This month I gained weight!  Oh the horror!!!  Actually I’m ok with it, and I’m not sure if that’s the right attitude or not.  Even with the small gain, I am still smaller.   I also know that I can get those pounds back.

My excuse is that I was on a no-exercise restriction for December and January and I have been tired and sore post pacemaker to do the normal healthy food planning and prep that I normally do.

Those sound like good excuses right?  The no-exercise did not come with “abandon healthy eating” instructions.  So that’s on me.

I know that to keep up with the weight loss the most important thing for me is to take time for myself including:  going to weight watchers meeting and spending time writing and creating.

 It creates the space for me to think and when I’m thinking I’m doing all the right things.  

That said – I am feeling recovered from my surgery and in the last week have gone for a swim and a yoga class – which are my fitness goals this year. Tonight I am trying Aerial Yoga for the first time…wish me luck!

For 2017 I have set myself some fresh goals:

  • get down 20 lbs (from my 2017 starting weight) (up 4 lbs!)
  • no sugar in my coffee or tea (so far so good!)
  • 100 yoga classes (1 down 99 to go)
  • 52 swims (1 down 51 to go)
  • maintain my great eating habits (ya..ok – back to that)
  • stick with Weight Watchers (yep yep yep – back at meetings)

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