Winter Fun Hat Trick – Keeping Warm in the Mountains

Firewood helper

Regular followers will notice a lot of our family photos are taken outside – we are a very outdoorsy family and have tried to stay that way even through my recovery.

This past weekend we had three generations around a campfire and on skis and snowshoes.

This is Tweenboy’s 9th year of snowshoeing and 7th year on X-country skis and I don’t think he realizes how special he is among his peers.

Waiting for lunch

He’s a proficient fire wood chopper, fire builder, skiier, and snowshoer – and all because we do it as a family.

He’s never been in Scouts or taken an outdoor course – he’s learned the old fashioned way from his parents and grandparents and time spent together.

Now that Wildchild is old enough to get in on the action, it’s a beautiful thing to see his older brother showing him how it’s done – albeit begrudgingly at times.

Off to the woods

We have joined  Participaction’s 150 Play List which celebrates our country’s birthday through physical fitness.  I love lists and challenges and I am very sentimental about the part the Participaction played in my childhood (Body Break! Hal & JoAnne!), so signing up to record our fun adventures and maybe win some prizes was a no-brainer.  Click here to check out Participaction’s 150 Play List

Watch for tweets, shares, and posts using hashtags related to the challenge: #sitless #movemore #150playlist


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