Weight Loss Journey – Goals We Set Are Goals We Get

Don’t you just love that title?  I can’t take credit tho – it’s a motto of a friend of mine named Luke who is in grade 2.  (I love that my BFF’s kids have mottos to live by!)  As Luke wisely knows you gotta set a goal to achieve a goal.

I left 2016 with 20 lbs less than I started and I fought for every one of those pounds and lost some of them 2 or 3 times!  I was 20 lbs down by July and then went up and down a few pounds at a time while I went through some struggles with my health but my last weigh in of the year showed that 20 lbs was gone!

For 2017 I have set myself some fresh goals:

  • get down 20 lbs (from my 2017 starting weight)
  • no sugar in my coffee or tea (so far so good!)
  • 100 yoga classes
  • 52 swims
  • maintain my great eating habits
  • stick with Weight Watchers

In 2016 my journey was about changing what I ate: increasing vegetables and fruit and decreasing portion size.  I was eating too much.  My health was poor and I lost that 20 lbs without doing any cardio exercise.

This year, with improved health (thanks pacemaker) I will add swimming to the mix and increase my fitness.

5 Replies to “Weight Loss Journey – Goals We Set Are Goals We Get”

  1. Terrific Dawna! I’m Luke’s Uncle Matt (Stacey’s brother). It makes me so proud to hear about him, at such a young age, influencing or inspiring someone. Love your goals and the courage it takes to declare them; envy. Keep moving forward!

  2. Love that go get’em attitude!

    I will also join in your goal setting…
    100 yoga classes – 52 swims – 1 walk a day – Sugar snacks 2x per week.
    Will weigh in every week – so 20 lbs goes bye bye

Thanks for your input!

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