Weight Loss Journey: Shock & Horror

This month I gained weight!  Oh the horror!!!  Actually I’m ok with it, and I’m not sure if that’s the right attitude or not.  Even with the small gain, I am still smaller.   I also know that I can get those pounds back. My excuse is that I was on…

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Weight Loss Journey – Goals We Set Are Goals We Get

Don’t you just love that title?  I can’t take credit tho – it’s a motto of a friend of mine named Luke who is in grade 2.  (I love that my BFF’s kids have mottos to live by!)  As Luke wisely knows you gotta set a goal to achieve a…

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Weight Loss Journey – getting my mojo back

Life has been a bit chaotic these past few months and I have not been at my best physically or mentally.  There are days when I feel like this is a ridiculously long recovery for the bleeping flu – nearly 3 years later.  Doctors, friends, and family like to remind…

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