The Great Potatoe Harvest 2016

Part of our urban garden includes growing potatoes in garbage cans. It’s incredibly low maintenance and fun. For added excitement we have a challenge between our bin and Aunty Mary’s bin. This year she won by a landslide! Close to 10 lbs to our measly few. 

​Most importantly we make an event of the harvest – a brunch at Mary’s followed by the harvest. 

The Daily Burden of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Some days are good, some are bad – that’s the way it is with PTSD.  There is no cure, only treatment.  It comes and goes.

PTSD started after the death of my daughter.  It took years to get it under control and then I had my H1N1, Sepsis, Coma experience and fired it all up again.

On a day to day I  function – mostly because I have a healthy, supportive family.  In the last few months, though – it’s been getting harder and harder.

In the last few months, there has been a monster amount of stuff on my plate: from taking care of my mom physically and financially, having Wildchild at home full time, realising that I will likely never be well enough to earn a living, managing expectations with my insurance company and attending the unending medical appointments.

So for now, I am trying to take care of myself by doing what is necessary, what I love, and not doing what can wait or fall away.

Life With Dawna is part therapy part sanity project – something I do on my own by myself about myself and the family.  I will keep doing it, just not as regularly as I have been…so likely once a week instead of three times a week.

I am still keeping up on Instagram and Facebook so you can follow me there to get more regular updates.

There are many people suffering from PTSD right now, I am one – you probably know many.  September is PTSD awareness month, so take the chance to get more information and do what you can for those who struggle.

I am lucky to have so many friends and family who look out for me and support me.  Thanks to all of you for doing that! It makes things easier.




Finding Treasure Emptying Out A Closet

I’ve been putting off cleaning out a large closet in our house that we have been using as a place to put things that we need to think about where it should go or weather we keep it.

Last week I started it – I can only do an hour at a time before my brain and my body give out, but it has been sitting there too long and if I leave it to Hubs it will all go in the garbage!

My main motivation is to clear the space out and create a art, craft, and writing space in for ME!

As I was sorting through bags of books  left over from a book exchange I hosted, old purses that I might send to a consignment shop,  craft supplies hastily put away when company was coming I unearthed an amazing treasure.

An artefact of the beginning of the friendship with one of the most important people in my life – Coma Attendant/BFF.    Its a simple, heart-felt thank you for hosting her baby shower.  We weren’t friends – just work mates, but the kindness was meaningful for her.

I had know idea that hosting a baby shower would lead to one of the most important friendships of my life, it was just something I did for someone I worked with who was having her first baby.

Go out and do good things  – like cleaning a closet – my reward was finding this lovely card that warped me back in time 8 years.  I think I’m going to frame it.  So glad I kept it.

What’s lurking in your closet?!