Up To the Heighests Heights of Banff National Park

My older sister Kat is here visiting and today Wildchild and I took her to Banff to explore Mount Norquay, take in the magesty of the Rockies and soak in the hot springs of Sulphur Mountain. 

For $20 per adult you can ride the chair life to the top of Mt Norquay and from there you can see the entire Bow Valley. 

The views were worth it. 

Kat and I both suffer from chronic pain and so what better therapy than natural sulphur hot springs. Wildchild is always up for a swim too. 

Aside from forgetting our awesome picnic lunch at home, the day couldn’t have been better! 


Family Fun in the Rockies…that’s how we roll

My sister Kat is visiting Calgary for the first time. Today we took her for a cookout in Kananaskis where our in-laws host a campground. 

It’s fun to watch someone take in the Rockies for the first time. Her camera was snapping away and we hadn’t even got to the real deal. 

We are so lucky to have this place as our back yard. An hour in the car and we are cooking over an open fire at the foot of a mountain. Such a special place for us as a family and we love to share it with all of our visitors. 

Our Feral Family Has Returned Home!

We’re baaack!  The kids and I have just returned from a 4 week road trip across 5 provinces of our beautiful country.  It was amazing on so many levels providing lots of blogging material.

During the trip I tried to keep followers updated through Instagram & Facebook and bit of tweeting.  Now I’m home you can look forward to hearing all about where we went, how we spent our time, and what we learned about each other.



Go Kart Break!

Three days into our road trip and we’ve seen many giant things and cool wildlife. 

Antelopes in Medicine Hat, Alberta and Pelicans in Chaplin, Saskachewan. 

This morning we decided to have some outdoor fun before we hit the road – visiting Thunder Rapids Go Karting…because we can’t get enough road time! 

We have developed our road trip routine: 

  • Wildchild and I go to the free breakfast in the hotel and being back something for the Tween;
  • If there is time, go for a swim;
  • Pack up the car;
  • Fill up the gas tank and grab some tasty road snacks,
  • Drive and check out what we find;
  • Stop for a late lunch;
  • Check into a hotel;
  • Swim;
  • Have Mr Noodle, bagels, or soup in our hotel room;
  • Watch a movie;
  • Go to sleep;
  • Repeat for 10 days  
Road Trip Cover

6 Brilliant Ideas for Parental Sanity While Driving Across the Country with Kids!

The last month has been a bit crazy.  My mom had a major health crisis and I have found it very taxing to be caring for her, my kids and myself.  Why is it we take care of ourselves last?

She is recovered and settled in a long-term care centre where she will be well taken care of.  There is still a lot to do, like packing up and selling her apartment, getting all her mail changed, selling her car, on and on – but first we are taking a break!

The whole thing has worn me thin which translates to less time with the kids and everyone being worried about Grandma. We’re going to take some time away and come back refreshed and ready to help her deal with the next big tasks.

Instead of taking a flight and a 10 day stay at my family homestead, the kids and I are going to embark on a pretty epic adventure of driving across the middle of this country – 3600 Km’s each way!

I find the open road quite soothing.  I’ve done this drive solo –  before kids and it was an amazing experience.  I’m sure it will be an experience this time too!

Survival Plan:

  1. Let the kids choose as much as possible – where to eat, what they bring, where we stop.
  2. Keep the road time short – no more than an hour or two at a time – it is 36 hours of driving that we are going to do over 9 days.  That’s an average of 4 hours a day – probably 2 at a time.
  3. Create a journey – for us that means:
    • Bringing a lists of Provincial & National Parks to tick off along the way.
    • Finding somewhere to swimming everyday – lake or pool, we’ll find water.
    • Eating local – using the list of restaurants from the Food Network’s show “You Gotta Eat Here” – there are many along our journey.
    • Stopping at any and all monuments – looking forward to saying hi to Terry Fox’s statue in Thunder Bay.
    • Buying local – stopping at fruit stands, farmer’s markets, festivals
    • Stopping for anything giant – giant goose in Wawa, giant Snowman in Beardsville – we’re checking everything out.
    • Not rushing – we are going to enjoy the moments
  4. Letting the kids know that sometimes the car needs to be quiet – like heavy traffic or turning points in the trip.
  5. Each of us is keeping a journal – they will be fun to compare!
  6. Pack lots to read for everyone has books to read and make sure all the hotels  have wifi!

Do you have any other suggestions for making this an amazing journey?

Let me know in the comments if you have a MUST see/eat/do suggestion for us!